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Western Fruit Grower 

What you can do (spraying pesticides near schools)

The Ventura County (CA) Ag Futures Alliance prepared the following list of tips for growers whose crops are adjacent to schools. Note: A similar list is available for school officials whose campuses are adjacent to crops. 

Establish an open relationship with your neighbors. 

Find out who is the appropriate contact person at the school and make sure that all notification goes through that person. 

Pay a visit and say hello. Exchange contact information.  Provide, in writing, a general schedule of your farming activities. Request a copy of all scheduled after-school and weekend activities for the year - and ask to be notified when schedules change. 

Agree on a procedure to notify school administrators when a pesticide application is scheduled. 

Provide the school with information on the potential health effects of exposure to the pesticides you plan to use over the coming year. 

Tell the school when you plan pesticide applications. 

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