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New Information added to Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada's Website
December 18, 2014.
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada's Pest Management Centre (PMC) has updated their main page, minor use pesticides program submissions , minor use project status by crop , sustainable crop protection fact sheet series, and status report for biopesticide projects and submissions . Also included are additions of summaries of 5 approved projects , as well as papers on the resistance of apple scab … and an integrated approach to management of leek moth . More.

Ohio State University Hiring for Assistant Professor
December 17, 2014.
Ohio State (OSU) is seeking assistant professor beginning in the Fall 2015 semester in horticultural food crops IPM for a nine month appointment with 65% research, 20% teaching and 15% extension responsibilities. This position includes teaching both graduate students and undergraduate students, as well as to co-teach a class with another professor. Applications are due February 2, 2015 . More information can be found on the Employment Page.

December School IPM Newsletter Available
December 16, 2014.
The December 2014, edition of, School IPM 2015, released by the IPM Institute of North America is now available online. It features information on winter moths, a list of upcoming workshops and/or training opportunties and a guide to EPA School IPM online resources. More.

Agricultural Outlook Forum Conference
December 15, 2014.
The USDA is hosting a conference to discuss innovation, biotechnology, and big data for “Smart Agriculture in the 21 st Century” February 19-20, 2015 at the Marriott Hotel in Arlington Virginia. Speakers scheduled for this two day event include, Joseph Glauber, Tom Vilsack, Darci Vetter, Phil Hogan, Richard Haass, Robert Fraley, Mary Kay Thatcher, Robert Sutor, Corey Reed and Krysta Harden. More.

Corn Root Worm Trainings
December 10, 2014.
A five seminar series, “Corn Rootworm in the Transgenic Era” is now available online. Produced by Dr. Robert Wright at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, the webinars are free to the public, and are available anytime for online viewing. Topics include, adult corn rootworm suppression, grower management options, rootworm biology and behavior, and larval management. More.

University California IPM Area Advisor – Urban Entomology
December 5, 2014.
University of California is now seeking an cooperative extension advisor to facilitate and develop outreach and IPM education to surrounding communities. This position includes research tasks to develop IPM programs, and working with a diverse array of university, government, and community constituents. Employment Page.

Philadelphia Organizes to Raise Bedbug Awareness
December 3, 2014.
Pest management providers, representatives of the health department, IPM specialists, and reporters convened on a City Council chamber to discuss the growing bed bug problem their city faces. Attendees gave testimonies and reported facts to the City Council to expose the realities of bed bug infestation and to open up the conversation to discuss measures the city can take to find solutions. More.

5th Annual Green Schools National Conference
December 2, 2014.
Early bird registration deadline for the 5 th Annual Green Schools National Conference in Virginia Beach is quickly approaching – December 15, 2014 . This conference, scheduled for March 4-7, 2015 will feature sessions that bring together a varied array of constituents working towards sustainability in K-12 schools. More.











20th Edition of ENDURE News Available
December 17, 2014.
The December 2014 edition of ENRUE News is now available online. This issue features a country profile on Italy, updates on IPM in Europe, a new database of links to IPM research project websites, and an events calendar of national and international events. This newsletter is available free on the Endure website as well as for subscribers. More.

New Sustainable Agriculture Book Resource
December 17, 2014.
Building Sustainable Farms, Ranches and Communities , published by the USDA's Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education is a guidebook to federal funding opportunities and programs which benefit sustainable agriculture, forestry, entrepreneurship, conservation, food systems and community development. The free, online download guide is intended as a resource for both for profit and nonprofit farmers, entrepreneurs, private/public organizations to become better aware of the support resources for sustainable agriculture in the federal government. More.

IPM Institute Now Hiring!
December 15, 2014.
The IPM Institute of North America Inc., located in Madison, WI, is now hiring for a new project team member position related to sustainable food initiatives and for a community IPM project manager. Both positions include excellent benefits and flexible hours. Employment Page.

Pest Management Professional Company Seeking Technical Manager
December 9, 2014.
Smithereen Pest Management, based out of Chicago, IL is now hiring for a technical manager to design, and carry out employee training. This role also functions as a special projects aid and quality assurance representative. Ideal candidate will have computer skills, a willingness to travel throughout the Midwest, and related knowledge of pest management. Employment Page.

IPM Institute Now Hiring !
December 5, 2014.
The IPM Institute is seeking top level managers for community IPM and agricultural resource management positions. Both positions seek candidates with the ability to envision change to work creatively to lead project development, fundraising, project management, strategic planning and outreach. More information and full position descriptions are available on the Employment Page.

SHIELD Network – IAQ Master Class Webinar
December 4, 2014.
School Health and Indoor Environments Leadership Development (SHIELDs), an EPA organization, will lead a series of indoor air quality (IAQ) webinars for school district staff across the country to learn more about how to start or continue IAQ programs at their institutions. The series will host ten one-hour sessions on different topics ranging from energy efficiency to asthma management. The series kicks off December 11, 2014 . Pre-registration is required online. More.

Laurel Wilt Conference
December 3, 2014.
University of Florida is hosting a conference on June 16-18, 2015, in Coral Springs, Florida dedicated to studying impacts, mitigation and the future of laurel wilt disease on natural ecosystems. Registration opens February 2, 2015. More.

US Department of Education – Green Ribbon Schools Seeking Applications
December 3, 2014.
The Green Ribbon Schools program, administered by the US Department of Education is designed to recognize schools that reduce environmental impact and costs while improving student health and awareness of environmental disciplines. Schools work directly with state departments of education to apply. The deadline for state authorities to nominate a school is February 1, 2015. More.

“The Western Front” December 2014 Edition
December 1, 2014.
The Western Region IPM Center's monthly newsletter, “The Western Front”, December 2014, is now available. Featured items include, current funding opportunities, information on efforts to halt the spread of pests carried on Christmas tree exports, and pollinator webinars. This publication is available by free email subscription or by visiting the Western IPM Center's website.

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