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May 5-11, 2002

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What is IPM?
Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is an approach that maintains a high standard of pest control while reducing reliance on high-risk pesticides.  IPM includes regular monitoring to detect problems early, acting against pests only when necessary, choosing the most effective option with the least risk to people and the environment, and applying knowledge about pest biology to create long-term, prevention-based solutions.  IPM can be practiced in any environment where insects, plant diseases, weeds or wildlife create problems, including schools, farms, homes, workplaces, parks and lawns.

Why a School IPM Week?
The goals of the first IPM in Schools Week are to:

  • Increase awareness of IPM as a solution to reducing pest and pesticide risks in schools and other sensitive environments

  • Increase support for IPM by encouraging student, teacher and parent participation in IPM-related educational activities.

How can I participate?
Professionals involved in all aspects of IPM, including educators, scientists, crop consultants, pest management professionals, environmentalists and others are invited to take the IPM Pledge and conduct an IPM-related educational activity during the week.

Teachers at all grade levels are encouraged to recruit parents, neighbors and others with experience in an IPM-related field to visit their classrooms and participate in an IPM-related educational activity.

IPM in schools works!
The New York City Board of Education, representing approximately 1200 school buildings, has reduced the use of a high-risk class of pesticides from 918 to 22 lbs. per year.  Since 1988, the school system has used over 8000 tubes of sealing silicone glue to close potential pest entries.  More success stories at http://www.ipminstitute.org/school_biblio.htm#Success

IPM in Schools Week is supported by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program, the National Foundation for IPM Education and members and supporters of the IPM Institute of North America.


IPM in Schools Week is organized by the IPM Institute of North America, Inc.

Questions or comments can be addressed to:
IPM Institute of North America, Inc.
Phone: (608) 232-1528, Fax (608) 232-1530
schoolipmweek@ipminstitute.org *