Learn about Integrated Pest Management (IPM) for your home and have fun at the same time!

Our goal is to help teachers, parents and kids of all ages learn about IPM for homes and gardens!  Everyone can learn to reduce pest and pesticide risks.  We hope you'll have a fun and exciting learning adventure! 

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What is IPM?
Integrated Pest Management, or IPM, means solving pest problems by using all we know about pests against them.  IPM works for problems caused by insects, diseases, weeds, wildlife, microbes or any other pest. The goal of IPM is to prevent pests from interfering with our livelihood or enjoyment of life in a way that's affordable, effective and that protects human and environmental health.

For Teachers and Parents
Many of the materials on this site are available in print, see the Briefing Room for PDF documents.  To view and print PDF documents, you'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader.  Download it free here.

IPM Super Sleuth is part of the IPM Institute IPM HOMEWORK PROJECT created with support from US EPA and the National Foundation for IPM Education.  Edited by Thomas A. Green, Ph.D.  Contributing authors:  Gina K. Walejko and Joseph L. Colon.  Assistance from game testers Oona P. Mackesey-Green and Moira R. Mackesey-Green.   Special thanks to EPA (home inspection graphics) and Marlin Rice (beautiful green stink bugs) for use of images.

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